Listen to podcast from Pastor Darren Osburn and other Guest Ministers.

Pastor Darren Osburn

God is Not
Asked of the Lord
Heart Condition (Lessons from the Yard)
God's Restoration
Neglect Brings Regret
If Jesus is Alive
Making the Most of Our Opportunities
The Impact of Faithfulness
Why Some Christians Don't Overcome
Clear Direction
What Do I Say to the enemy
Led in Provision
What Do I Say. Preperation
What Do I Say to the World
The First Answer
What Do You Say?
31 Years and Beyond
Hearing from God 101 pt.3
Redemption Pictures
Hearing From God 101 pt2
In My Place
Hearing from God 101
Empty is Not Enough
Impossible Fruit!
A Year of Impossible Breakthrough
What I Learned in 2018
Closing Out 2019
After the Miracle
Inconvenient Christmas
The Virgin Birth
Attend to my Word
Thankfulness is a Choice
Staying in Victory
Faithfulness Humility and Submission
Keys of the Kingdom
Stay on Offense!
Consider-Consider Not
Fighting the Good Fight
The Cross
Missing the Supernatural
Heart Trust
Spiritual Authority
It's Up to You
The Thief
As in Heaven
What God Can't Do
What Story Am I Telling
God Is Able
Receiving Healing
Waring Mental Warfare
Keeping the Root Out
Getting to Our Destination
Opening the Door
Come and Eat 8/5/18
Offended with God? 8/1/18
Take Up Your Cross 7/29/18
Get Out of the Boat 7/22/18
How to Lose Every Time 7/18/18
Healing. The Childrens Bread 7/16/18 pm
Do You Want to Be Made Well ? 7/15/18
It is Well 7/12/18
Are You Thirsty? 7/8/18
Three Crosses 7/1/18

Guest Ministers

Ministry of Helps pt2 Rev Ray Bensch
Ministry of Helps Rev. Ray Bensch
How to Win the Battle Pastor Shelley Osburn
Unity in Christ's Body
Blessed in the Lord Rev. Dr. Richard Osburn
Herod Do You Know Mikey Lemon
The Masters House Casey Dudek
Not Off Ended Rev. Thom Fields
Next Rev, Thom Fields
Checkmate Rev. Ingolf Schmidt
God's Healing Power David Gentry & Pastor Darren Osburn
The Power Of Christ Dwells In Me. Rev. Richard Osburn
They're Coming Pastor Jim Crabb
Being an Overcomer Pastor Jim Crabb
WWJRD Mikey Lemon
In Need of a Pit Stop 7/25/18 Rev. Mikey Lemon
Receiving From God
A Carrier of Christ
A Generous Heart
Who Do You Say?
When Things Don't Make Sense
People with Purpose